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HOLDING HANDS by Diane M. Conn

Why do we hold hands? Why do we love watching people hold hands? How can a fleeting moment of contact heal us? In Holding Hands, photographer Diane M. Conn captures people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all parts of the world… united by the simple act of holding hands with the person beside them.

This illuminating, inviting book of Conn’s street photography is a people-watcher’s delight… a rare collection of people telling their stories without words… a celebration of the connections that keep us going and growing throughout our lives.

Holding Hands is the best friendship, feel-good, holiday, family,

wedding, wellness, mental health, hostess, and fun gift you can buy under $20.


Sherry Lansing, CEO, Paramount Pictures
"Diane Conn's book Holding Hands is a beautiful celebration of how connection and touch makes us all human. Each page holds a story waiting to unfold ….. a truly special and original book."
Sherry Lansing
former CEO, Paramount Pictures
"This is a beautiful book. Touching hands touches the heart. The world needs more of this.”
Michael Connelly
Crime Novelist, Harry Bosch Series
"Diane M. Conn’s new book celebrates the simple, intimate and universal act of holding hands. In these pandemic times, when we yearn for meaning and connection, ‘Holding Hands’ eloquently reminds us of our humanity."
Jeffrey Fleishman
novelist and Foreign Editor of the Los Angeles Times